Nuckees is New Pop Phone Grip Technology for Cell Phones, Promotional Custom Nuckees Arrived!

What is Nuckees?

Nuckees are a phone accessory that can literally save your fingers. Most popular phone grips feature a pop-out functionality, which is nice, but limits the amount of different sized hands that using those phones and tablets. Nuckees uses SnugHug technology with an elastic band that stretches to fit perfectly with any size fingers, allowing people to hold their phones with ease while watching videos, playing games, or just talking during a phone call. They're made of hard plastic discs that includes 4-way locking so you can stand your device upright from multiple angles. The discs twist to lock together when not in use and have a metal plate underneath so you can mount them to any magnetic mount or holder. Show off unique designs with Nuckees on the back of your phone.

Customize Nuckees Phone Grips with Your Company Logo

When people receive promotional cell phone accessories, they're going to want something that's both useful and looks unique and intriguing. With your brand's logo place on a Nuckees custom phone grips, your company will be seeing as unique and intriguing as well. Nuckees are the trendy new phone grip and stand for holding phones that people want. They provide the same benefits as other popular promotional phone items with added features to make them even more desirable. With the elastic band expanding to any size, your clients will appreciate being able to hold onto their device with maximum comfort.

Because of the ability to fit several unique sizes, there is even less possibility of dropping your device and cracking your screen. Another unique feature is being able to move the panels in several directions, so you can grip comfortably from any angle. This is helpful for taking photos and videos. Of course, locking the panels of Nuckees together to create a phone stand adds the benefit of freeing up your hands for multi-tasking. Whether you want to prop up your tablet to use as a workspace or stream movies on your device, you can have two free hands using these custom phone stands.

They can be re-positioned as well, so they're great for kids. You can attach two to the back of a tablet or phone for easy gaming. If you're looking for even more use out of it, try wrapping your charging cables or ear buds around them for easy and convenient transportation. You won't have to worry about a mess of cables in your pocket or backpack and that means less time untangling. Each Nuckee is reusable and can be moved from device to device without losing its hold.

In a world where mobile technology is winning out, it's important to have a product that helps with functionality and provides added security to your device. A phone isn't just a phone; it's a personal computer. So, if you're looking for custom cell phone accessories that will give this piece of mind to your clients, try Nuckees. Ask one of our trusted brand consultants today to find the product that best fits your promotional needs!


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