Why to get KF94 Mask With Your logo? Is Korean Type 3D Disposable Face Mask The Best Around So Far?

KF94 Mask or with the other name called Korean Type 3D mask is the most useful and high tech mask since this Covid started. This mask filters out most airborne particles, protecting wearers from exposure to harmful tiny particles down to 0.4um in diameter by the innovative technology.

KF94 is structured to cover from your nose to chin, and from your left to your right jaw, our masks give you better protection and are less smeared from foundation, lipstick etc.

KF94 The materials are the best of all with hygienic protection. It's featuring elastic ear loop, pose less press to ears and face, avoid the uncomfortableness from long-time use.


  • 4-layered, highly effective filter for protection from air pollution and fine dust
  • 3-dimensional structure increasing breathing space
  • Adjustable nose clip Providing non-slip wear and reducing heat and moisture accumulation
  • Elastic ear loops making itself comfortable to wear

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